Today's Useful Photography Tip

Today’s Useful Photography Tip

RJ Styles Stock Photo Historic Architecture Washington
Beautiful warm colored sunset on historic building located in Bellingham, Washington.

I hope that everyone reading this blog finds my photography tip useful. I have a great way to correct for a subject that is in a shadow and appears too dark. If you expose for the subject in the shade without bouncing any light onto it, the highlights will probably be blown out. Here is how you correct for this, on a clear sunny and very bright day. You can purchase a portable reflector from Click the following link, buy reflector. Either have a friend or family member hold the reflector and bounce the reflected light onto the subject that you photographing in the shadow area, or you can use a remote control for your camera and hold the reflector yourself. Click on the following links to purchase a remote control for Nikon, Canon, Sony, and fuji Cameras.

Remote Controls: Nikon cameras, Canon cameras, Sony cameras, Fuji cameras

Click on the following linkĀ homepage

Stock photos on Stock photography by RJ Styles at Alamy

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