Beautiful Buildings In Seattle Washington

The above stock photo is of a beautiful Giraffe at the Santa Barbara Zoo with a ocean background. It was very cold and windy when I photographed the waterfront buildings in Seattle Washington. A white and green stripped ferry quickly entered the camera frame. I really like the ferry in the foreground of the Seattle shoreline. I took a wonderful photo from the harbor in Seattle of the space needle. Buy High Quality Photos Now.Buy Stock photography by RJ Styles at Alamy  Free kindle book Promotion  learn photography and how to shoot photographs with a DSLR camera in one day, includes useful photography tips and photos click here.  Below the Seattle picture is a paypal button for $3 donations towards the purchase of camera lenses and camera equipment.


Please donate $3 to help me purchase camera lenses and other camera equipment and supplies. God Bless!

$3 Donation

$3 donation to purchase photography lenses.


Thank you so much,

RJ Styles Landscape photographer


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