Travel Photography Planes Trains And Automobiles

Travel Photography Planes Trains And Automobiles

Travel Photography Planes Trains And Automobiles

How to protect your valuables from theft while traveling Internationally

Travel Photography Planes Trains And Automobiles
Burney Falls In Shasta County, California


Many times my mother and father will both suggest that I take a plane to my travel destination within the United States. I always respond with in a plane, train or bus I am not able to stop the plane, stop the train or stop the bus to take a landscape photo. This is why I prefer to drive a reliable car for all of my travel photography within the United States. Of course if I were to go on a travel assignment in Europe I would have to take an airplane, then a train, a taxi, or a bus. First I would try to take either a bus or a train from the airport. According to the show Scam City every city in the world has some type of taxi scam and some of these scams the driver will pick up a stranger who is in on it and they will try to extort up to a thousand US dollars out of you. I would also worry about pick pockets it seams that they are in every city, and if you have your very valuable camera equipment in a backpack like I do I always worry that in a train station, on the street in a tourist location, or on a bus or on a train, that a pick pocket may unzip your backpack while it is on your back and  your camera and lenses will fall onto the ground. I suggest renting a car when you arrive at your travel destination and keeping all of your gear in the trunk of the car. Remember when taking the camera out of the trunk of your car thieves will be watching, they will walk by and peek inside the trunk of your rental car. When photographing subjects park your car in a location that you can observe from where you are taking your pictures from, or park the car next to some police officers. In some countries the police are corrupt and in on it too. Always be aware of your surroundings some very bold thieves will actually use a knife to cut the camera strap around your neck and run away with your camera. This is why I always hold my camera with one hand. I do not like my camera swinging from side to side when I walk. I hope that you have found my suggestions on travel photography tips; planes, trains and automobiles helpful. Below I have provided some useful links for protecting your baggage while on Eurorail trains, and links for steel cable camera straps. Note if traveling on Eurorail you can lock your luggage to a rail on the luggage rack, you should do this every time no matter how short the trip is. It only takes a few seconds for you to be distracted by someone and your luggage will be stolen. This is how to protect your luggage while you are on a train from travel theft.


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