how to use a dslr camera

How To Use A DSLR Camera

Learn Photography And How To Use A DSLR Camera In One Day by Rj Styles

Learn Photography And How To Use A DSLR Camera In One Day
Learn Photography And How To Use A DSLR Camera In One Day

I understand that people are very busy, and that is why I have written a summarized informative¬† book that will teach you how to use a DSLR camera in one day, my book also includes information on photographic technique, and many useful photography tips. Begin taking epic photos today. The high quality photos that you see on Instagram are not taken with iphones they are captured with professional DSLR camera’s and lenses and then manipulated in in Lightroom and Photoshop. When the photographer is done with the post he will then upload the photos to Instagram with his smart phone. The above photograph was taken at Yosemite National park, El Capitan.

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How To Find Cheap Hotel Rates

How To Find Cheap Hotel Rates

How To Find Cheap Hotel Rates

There are many hotels in many cities and towns around the world. A majority of these hotels you will not hear of because they are not listed on sites like,,,, or anywhere on the internet. The best way to find these super cheap hotels is to fly to your destination and ask the cab driver what area has the cheapest hotels. In places like Bangkok, Thailand, or Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and India, they have many very affordable accommodations catering to the backpackers. By walking around and asking various hotels what their rates are I was able to find a private room, with maid service and a shower for $7 per a night in Bangkok, Thailand. In Vietnam I found even better accommodations for $10 per a night. You can get these rates even lower by negotiating a weekly rate or a monthly rate. You can even do this in the United States. Look for hotels owned by Indian people, from India. They will generally give you a discounted weekly or discounted monthly rate. If you want save on food, learn where the locals are eating and shopping. This is how you can save big when traveling.

RJ Styles Landscape Photography, nature, and wildlife photos on National Geographic Website. Photos National Geographic

RJ Styles Landscape photography book. Learn How To Use A DSLR Camera In One Day.

Promotion Amazon Kindle Free Photography Book

Promotion Amazon Kindle Free Photography Book

Photography Quick Start Guide
Learn Photography

Learn photography and how to operate a DSLR camera in one day. Gain knowledge about photography lenses, and equipment. I have also included helpful photography tips. This book is free at for a limited time. My book includes detailed diagrams and photos with relevant photography information. Click on the following link Free Book.  RJ Styles landscape photography websites homepage.