Photography Tip For Softening Images

Photography Tip For Softening Images

Photography Tip For Softening Images

How To Soften Photographs
How To Soften Photographs

How to soften photographs when you do not have a diffusion filter, if you have a UV filter, or any camera filter then you are in luck. In the above photography of a scarlet red macaw, the well trained parrot was free to fly away. I guess he or she liked his home so much that he stayed on his perch even when people were only three to four feet away.

You can use either a piece of lens paper or a tissue to apply a thin layer of Vaseline onto the camera filter. This will soften the image. In fact this is what they did back in the old days before they manufactured a diffusion filter. I am not sure if they applied it to a filter back in the day or to the cameras lens. I recommend that you apply it to a filter, and not to apply Vaseline to the front element of the camera lens. This is how you soften the image with Vaseline.

I do not soften my images since I do photograph subjects that I would like to soften such as the wrinkles of an aging women, the lights may also glow a bit more. I like sharp detail in my landscapes. I am certain that this will work.

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