Stock Photos Seattle, San Francisco, And Oregon Landscapes

Stock Photos Seattle, San Francisco, And Oregon Landscapes

One day in the summer of 2017 I decided to drive my automobile from Southern California to Northern California and beyond. This can be costly when you want to capture both scenic beauty and landscapes of cities. I used my professional Nikon D810 camera that I had purchased earlier in the year from, to capture photos of Burney Falls, Lake Paddington in Washington, the Seattle waterfront and a ferry in front of the buildings shoreline, red maple trees in front of Safeco Stadium, a brilliant red tree in Oregon with golden yellow brush in the foreground, and yellows, oranges and red foliage in Oregon hills. I photographed San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge on a foggy day, and the gilded city hall building.

Best Waterfalls
Burney Falls In Shasta County, California
Stock Photo Seattle Washington
Buildings Waterfront In Seattle
Stock Photo Fall Foliage In Oregon
Beautiful Fall Colors In Oregon

I was very impressed by the image quality that this camera produces. In the past all of my previous photos that I shot with my Nikon F3 film camera were rejected by stock photo companies for being out of focus. now sells my stock photos from my Nikon D810. Here is a link to my stock photos on website Stock photography by RJ Styles at Alamy. Burney Falls is the best waterfall that I have ever visited. You may think that the Nikon D810 is an expensive camera, but if you consider the cost of professional film negative, processing reshoots and prints, you will actually save money within the first year. I was averaging $500 per a month, and I was only shooting on average three rolls of 36 exposures negative per a week. Now when I travel places like Seattle, Washington, Bellingham Washington, Oregon, and San Francisco I only have to pay for gas, food, and motel rental fees. A reduction in my costs has made it possible for me to travel to photography locations further from my home. Click home page.

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The Proper Way To Clean a Camera Lens

Best Lakes In California
Beautiful Lake At Burney Falls State Park

How to clean a camera lens. You can purchase my stock photos by clicking on the following link to my photo library at Stock photography by RJ Styles at Alamy Take the lens that is dirty I prefer to keep the lens attached to the camera, place the camera strap around your neck, and point the lens towards the ground. Take a can of compressed air and thoroughly blow air across the entire lens. I like to use Panco Lens Cleaner. Click the following link to buy Pancro lens cleaner, it is more expensive than most other lens cleaner, but it does not leave detergent residue behind. I also prefer to use Kimwipes for my lens paper. Click the following link to buy Kimwipes. While keeping the camera pointed towards the floor take a piece of lens paper and fold it up spray one end of the lens paper with lens cleaning fluid, and thoroughly wipe the entire front element of the lens. Switch to the dry end of the lens paper and wipe the front element of the lens until all of the streaks are gone. I find that Pancro seems to streak less then other lens cleaners. With camera lens pointed towards the floor blow the lens again with compressed air. Now your lens should be clean. If it is not completely clean repeat the above steps. Please help RJ Styles purchase photography equipment, I require a new lens for bird photography.Any donations would be greatly appreciated, I am a disabled struggling photographer. To donate Click her. I am a landscape photographer and a nature photographer.  I have photographed the following areas, Yosemite Valley Half Dome, Seattle, Washington, San Francisco California, Burney Falls State Park, Ukiah, and Oregon. I have captured the brilliant red and orange fall colors of Oregon, and Washington.