Air Travel Tip In South East Asia, Uncategorized

Air Travel Tip In South East Asia

Air Travel Tip In South East Asia

Air Travel Tip In South East Asia
Air Travel Tip In South East Asia

I have found exceptional air travel prices from airlines. Cathay Pacific airlines has some of the lowest fairs from the United States Mainland to places like Thailand, Vietnam, and China. Once in South East Asia another great way to fly around Southeast Asia is by using Air Asia. Save big with Cathay Pacific Airlines and Air Asia. I hope by airline travel tip for air for air travel to Southeast Asia saves you a significant amount of money for your travel budget. Click on the following link for my home page.

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Photography tip Nikon F6 Versus The Nikon F3

Photography tip Nikon F6 Versus The Nikon F3
Photography tip Nikon F6 Versus The Nikon F3

Photography tip Nikon F6 Versus The Nikon F3

Both the Nikon F6 and the Nikon F3 are professional film cameras. The Nikon F6 came out in 2004, and the Nikon F3 came out in the 1980’s. The Nikon F6 was a very heavy camera it was like wearing a dumbbell around your neck. However, the Nikon F3 was a much lighter mechanical camera, and in my opinion more reliable than an older used Nikon F6. In fact the Nikon F6 that I had purchased would intermittently expose the entire roll of film. Overtime just like with other electronics the circuit board is more likely to fail on a Nikon F6. Therefore, if you are shooting film I strongly recommend that you purchase the Nikon F3. Nikon no longer calibrates many of their older used film camera lenses; you will have to find a specialist that can re-calibrate your lenses that you purchase. Whenever you use a lens frequently over time that lens will drift out focus, and your images will be soft. To have a lens calibrated it will cost around $250.

You can purchase the Nikon F6 brand new at bandhphoto. You can find the Nikon F3 used on Ebay.

Buy Nikon F6

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PC Maintenance Tip How To Improve Computer Performance

PC Maintenance Tip How To Improve Windows Computer Performance

Why is my Windows computer slow? How to speed up Windows. Why is my computer running slow?

Here’s how you speed up your windows computer. You may notice a significant performance enhancement by following my detailed instructions.

The first thing you would want to do to improve your computer’s performance is to see what programs are running at startup. Whenever you install a program it will be running at startup and in the background after you login to your Windows desktop. These running Windows computer programs use up both the processor and the memory, and this can significantly decrease the speed of your Windows computer.

Here is how to use the system configuration utility to turn off running applications.

Hold down the windows symbol on your keyboard and press r.

When the small run dialog box appears type msconfig and press enter.

Now the system configuration window appears. Select the startup tab. Now you will see a list of all of the programs running on your windows computer at startup.

Uncheck the boxes of the programs that you do not want running at startup.



How to speed up a slow computer
Why is my Windows computer slow? How to speed up Windows. Why is my computer running slow?

You will still be able to open these programs later, it may take a little longer to open them. When you use an application like Photoshop or Lightroom, these programs will work faster and with a quicker response time. I would leave a few programs that you use regularly checked. When you are done unchecking the program boxes, click apply, and then ok. A small dialog box will appear asking you to restart your computer. You should save all of your work and exit any programs, and restart your computer for the changes to take affect. Do not uncheck the box for your virus scanner.

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The Proper Way To Clean a Camera Lens

Best Lakes In California
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How to clean a camera lens. You can purchase my stock photos by clicking on the following link to my photo library at Stock photography by RJ Styles at Alamy Take the lens that is dirty I prefer to keep the lens attached to the camera, place the camera strap around your neck, and point the lens towards the ground. Take a can of compressed air and thoroughly blow air across the entire lens. I like to use Panco Lens Cleaner. Click the following link to buy Pancro lens cleaner, it is more expensive than most other lens cleaner, but it does not leave detergent residue behind. I also prefer to use Kimwipes for my lens paper. Click the following link to buy Kimwipes. While keeping the camera pointed towards the floor take a piece of lens paper and fold it up spray one end of the lens paper with lens cleaning fluid, and thoroughly wipe the entire front element of the lens. Switch to the dry end of the lens paper and wipe the front element of the lens until all of the streaks are gone. I find that Pancro seems to streak less then other lens cleaners. With camera lens pointed towards the floor blow the lens again with compressed air. Now your lens should be clean. If it is not completely clean repeat the above steps. Please help RJ Styles purchase photography equipment, I require a new lens for bird photography.Any donations would be greatly appreciated, I am a disabled struggling photographer. To donate Click her. I am a landscape photographer and a nature photographer.  I have photographed the following areas, Yosemite Valley Half Dome, Seattle, Washington, San Francisco California, Burney Falls State Park, Ukiah, and Oregon. I have captured the brilliant red and orange fall colors of Oregon, and Washington.

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PC Versus Mac For Photo Editing

PC Versus Mac For Photo Editing
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I prefer PC over Macintosh for photo editing, and here’s why.  The first reason is price; you can get a PC with a very similar hardware configuration to a Macintosh computer for thousand of dollars less. PC has more software and games available as well. You can visit my website to learn more about my photography, RJ Styles Photography. Microsoft supports their PC computers Operating systems for much longer than Apple computers. In fact, Apple computer’s releases a new operating system every year, at five years or less your computer’s operating system is obsolete, and Apple is no longer supporting it. Forcing you to upgrade to another operating system and this new OS will run slow on your computer’s hardware. This is how Apple forces its loyal customers into continually purchasing new computers every three to five years. If you contrast this with Windows, for example, Windows is still supporting Windows 7 and this operating system came out in July 2009. Microsoft plans to continue support for Windows 7 up until 2020. That is eleven years of support. I used to think that Apple was a great company.  Apple really knows how to screw their customers. If you are editing large Raw files in Photoshop and Lightroom, you can find a Dell XPS, with a quad Core i7, with 8 gigs of memory and a Nvidia graphics card with a gig of ram or more for under $1000. I have some beautiful stock photos for sale on website. Stock photography by RJ Styles at Alamy