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Photography Tips For Rabbit Photography

Wildlife Photographer RJ Styles
How to photograph wild rabbits.

Wild rabbits can be particularly challenging to Photograph. Most of the time rabbits will hop into nearby shrubs. If you shoot at a shutter speed of a 1000 sometimes depends on the lighting you will have to shoot at a higher iso this causes there to be more noise in the image. If you are lucky and the rabbit freezes for a couple of moments then you can capture them at a low iso and a low shutter speed. I like to keep the shutter speed at at least two times the focal length. Like wildlife bird photography fast moving wildlife can be a challenge to capture.

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Sunset San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Sunset San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

In a hurry I rushed to Golden Gate bridge during magic hour to photograph the bridge. San Francisco has many epic locations for photography. For example, city hall is quite impressive.

There are bay cruises that can take to get different angles of the shoreline waterfront. Epic photography locations. You can purchase the Sunset photo of San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge on my stock photography page.

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100000 People Evacuated Hill Fire And Woolsey Fire

100000 People Evacuated Hill Fire And Woolsey Fire

Thousand Oaks Fire
Caos in Thousand Oaks as fire smoke and ash decend upon the town

Soon after the hill fire blocked out the sun the Woolsey fire crept into Thousand Oaks and Agoura Hills overnight.During the late night 75000 residents in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, and Calabassas were evacuated and 13 structured were charred. With the fast blowing winds the fire soon jumped the 101 freeway and began advancing towards Malibu Lake. The famous movie set Paramount Ranch where movies have been filmed since the 1920’s had burned to the ground. WITHIN a few hours 30000 more people were forced to evacuate in the city of Malibu. Many more million dollar estates were burned to the ground in Malibu as the fire advanced through the canyons to Pacific Coast Highway. This fire is only at about 15 percent contained. The terrain is very rugged throughout the canyons with alot of dry brush, Oak Trees and Manzanita bushes for the fire to consume. The relentless Santa Ana winds have made this blaze nearly impossible for the firefighters to extinguish. The fire began at the old Rockadyne facility in the Simi Valley Hills and overnight jumped the 101 freeway and quickly made it’s presence known in Malibu. Residents are now returning to their smoke damaged homes in Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, and Malibu. These are the worst fires in California History. It is time for the Power Companies to bury their electrical lines no more expensive devastating excuses. For update information you should contact the fire department of the sheriffs department in either Ventura County or Los Angeles county.

Nerve Racking Horse Polo Match

Nerve Racking Horse Polo Match

Nerve Racking Horse Polo Match

For the love of Sports Photography
Horse polo photography can be dangerous.

Photographing a Horse Polo match can be a bit nerve racking when the players on their horses are charging full speed towards where you are standing. The horses came within three feet of me, their hooves clacked on the top of the boundary. The boundary was a 2 by 6 board that was painted red anchored onto the grass and that was the only thing separating me from the field. The horses would tire frequently and the players would swap horses every five minutes or so. You could here the horses snorting when they were ready to be swapped out for some rested ones. The Horse Polo players were very skilled players they could hit the ball from far away and send the ball with great precision to other team mates. I love taking sports action photos. You can see more of my landscape and wildlife photography on Instagram my username is rjstyles9.


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RJ Styles Wildlife Photography On Instagram

RJ Styles Wildlife Photography On Instagram

RJ Styles Wildlife Photography On Instagram

RJ Styles Wildlife Photography On Instagram
Osprey photographed by RJ Styles

RJ Styles wildlife photos encompasses primates, elephants, giraffes, dogs, cats, wolves, a variety of different bird species catching prey, and other endangered species of animals. In addition to nature photography you will see Horse polo photos, gorgeous sunsets, and unique architecture pictures.

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