Nerve Racking Horse Polo Match

Nerve Racking Horse Polo Match

Nerve Racking Horse Polo Match

For the love of Sports Photography
Horse polo photography can be dangerous.

Photographing a Horse Polo match can be a bit nerve racking when the players on their horses are charging full speed towards where you are standing. The horses came within three feet of me, their hooves clacked on the top of the boundary. The boundary was a 2 by 6 board that was painted red anchored onto the grass and that was the only thing separating me from the field. The horses would tire frequently and the players would swap horses every five minutes or so. You could here the horses snorting when they were ready to be swapped out for some rested ones. The Horse Polo players were very skilled players they could hit the ball from far away and send the ball with great precision to other team mates. I love taking sports action photos. You can see more of my landscape and wildlife photography on Instagram my username is rjstyles9.


Posted by Landscape and nature photographer RJ Styles.


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