Summer Travel Yosemite National Park

Summer Travel Yosemite National Park

Summer Travel Yosemite National Park


Summer Travel Yosemite National Park
Summer Travel Yosemite National Park

I drove to Yosemite National Park for the third time within the past six months, and once again when I arrived in Yosemite Valley there was another fire burning. Luckily the local fire department had the fire a hundred percent contained. However, the valley was still very smokey. I wish they would catch the pyro who is igniting these fires. According to the locals in the nearby town of Oakhust, California, two of the pyros’ were caught. One was a firefighter who set the fire for overtime pay, and the other pyro was a child. If you plan to stay in Oakhurst at a reduced cost, do not stay at the Pine Rose Inn. The second night we stayed at the Pine Rose Inn four police officers raided the Inn looking for wanted fugitives, and they used a police K9 to search for Meth Amphetamine. The sheriff’s deputy stated to us that the manager, the staff and his friends are drug addicts. They also recovered a stolen vehicle there. The sheriff’s deputy additionally mentioned that they come to the Pine Rose Inn almost every night. So where are some good places to stay in Oakhurst, California. The Best Western is a great choice, the rates range from $215 to $235 nightly. If that is beyond your budget you could stay at the Americas Best Value Inn for around $188 nightly. A couple days later the smoke had cleared out and Yosemite Valley was clear clean air. Yosemite National Park is a great location to capture stunning landscapes. For landscape photography and wildlife photos Yosemite Valley is a top contender.

Yosemite Valley California Spring
Yosemite Valley California Spring

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