How To Travel To Hawaii On A Budget

How To Travel To Hawaii On A Budget

How To Travel To Hawaii On A Budget

How To Travel To Hawaii On A Budget
How To Travel To Hawaii On A Budget

If you are adventurous and willing to do some work while you are on one of the Hawaiian Islands you can save a significant amount of money. Many people are not aware that Hawaii has some of the worlds best fishing, catching fish is one way to save big money. If your catch is big enough fish you could even sell it to a restaurant. There are fresh water shrimp in the streams and creeks, one local mentioned to me that if you throw fresh coconut meat into the creek the shrimp will feed on it and you can catch some fresh shrimp that way. On the north shore of Oahu there are plenty of wild chickens running around and you could easily dispatch one and have some BBQ chicken. Here is a cheap recipe for making BBQ sauce, grab some ketchup packets and some sugar mix them together and heat over the BBQ, soon you will have some delicious BBQ sauce. On the big Island, Maui, Oahu, and Kauai there are plenty of coconuts that you can find on the ground, mango fruit trees, papaya fruit trees, banana fruit trees, and seaweed that you can collect from the ocean. There are many campgrounds located on the Hawaiian islands chain that you can camp at for generally up to three days at a time for $3 per a night. Some islands have hostels where people live together in dormitories with fees as low as $30 per a night. is a great website to find the hostels worldwide. You can cook your meats wrapped in either banana leaves or taro leaves. Make sure you use the correct leaves because the wrong leaves maybe toxic. I have seen people on the Island of Oahu on videos catch monster/big size fish from the shoreline. Cheap Travel to Hawaii, budget Hawaiian island travel. Make the most of your dollar while you are in Hawaii.


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