How To Travel Safely In Third World Countries

How To Travel Safely In Third World Countries

How To Travel Safely In Third World Countries


How To Travel Safely In Third World Countries

Prior to departing for international travel make sure that all of your vaccinations are up to date. Typhoid, MMR, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and any other vaccination that the CDC, or Health ministry recommends for the country that you will be visiting. For example, when I arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, I did not know that I should have A Japanese encephalitis vaccine. The local travel agent took me to a Seventh Day Adventists medical clinic where I received a safe vaccination. While I was getting vaccinated I overheard a European traveler who was there for a sore on his penis. He said that he had relations with a mistress of the night and awoke to a sore on his penis. I saw all kinds of prostitutes walking out of bars with travelers, good thing I did not sleep with any of them. I told the doctor that I do not sleep with prostitutes for that very reason, I do not want to get any diseases. I was shocked by the doctors response, he told me to use a condom. Condoms are not safe they can break, and besides that if the women is on top of you her vaginal secretions can run down your junk and into your anus. The doctor told me not to eat any raw fruits or vegetables that the street vendors are selling. He told me that they contain pathogens. Apparently, the farmers use human excrement to fertilize their crops. The doctor said to only eat food that is very hot. I took his advice and I did not get sick the whole time that I was in Bangkok, Thailand. In Thailand you have to worry about Dengue fever and Malaria. Every for hours I would spray my body and clothes with mosquito repellent containing deet. While I was in Bangkok, Thailand I had the best duck soup that I had every tasted for $3 per a bowl. In Los Angeles a bowl of duck soup will cost you over $15. In Bangkok the food is very cheap, but be aware that a lot of the street soups are very spicy. Stay away from the bars, they will over charge you for beers and threaten to knock you out if you do not pay them. I always bought my beer from the local market. As soon as you leave your hotel Tuk Tuk driver will approach you and will not leave you alone. Everywhere you walk someone will approach you and try to sell you something. I always would say to these Thai people “My Owl” which means I do not want anything.

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