Surviving as a photographer

Surviving As A photographer

Surviving As A Photographer

Surviving as a photographer
Surviving as a photographer

Sometimes as a landscape photographer you will have to give up certain things in life in order to have time to practice your craft. Click on the following link to view my photos on the National Geographic website. Photos National Geographic For example, you will more than likely have to forgo having a family or a girlfriend. More than likely you will have a near zero income generated from photography for a very long period of time. Photography is the same as having a full time job with no income to pay for rent, to pay for food, the cost of dating a woman, and the enormous costs associated with having a family. If you truly love photography these are the sacrifices that you must make. When you consider selling stock photos you must remember that nearly every person with a camera is trying to sell their photos and you will be competing with well known famous photographers that work for publications like National Geographic. These famous photographers sell stock photos as well on sites such as You may also be surprised to learn that many of these well known artists also photograph weddings. You maybe an exceptional photographer and no one will want to purchase your stock photos.



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