Review Shoot Like A Pro With The Nikon D810

Review Shoot Like A Pro With The Nikon D810

RJ Styles Stock Photo Historic Architecture Washington
The Sunset Made This Historic Building Magical

After several months of composing digital photographs with my Nikon D810 full frame camera I decided to write a review. At first you really had to twist my arm, I was in denial that digital was better than film, but after a year of frustration I decided to go digital. There were so few skilled film labs remaining in Los Angeles and the technicians seemed to digitize my film negatives inconsistently. This became very expensive fast with reshoots, gas, cost of negative purchases, negatives getting scratched, and some very awful labs that caused awful yellow casts. Not only did I save big by switching to digital, but now I was in control of every phase of processing until the final print. Now I could just simply plug the sd card into my computer and immediately open my raw files in Lightroom. Before I was average two to three rolls of 36 exposure negative and my monthly costs for gas, negative, reshoots, processing came to around $500 monthly. This was 35mm negative. Do the math that is $6000 annually. By purchasing the Nikon D810 which many people would think is an expensive camera it really is not. For $6000 you could buy the Nikon D810, a professional tripod, and some pro level lenses with exceptional glass. Now let’s move onto my review of the Nikon D810. At first I used AIS lenses with it that probably needed recalibration do to there age and heavy use over time. This would have costed me $250 and the optics are not as good as the Nikkor 1.8g AF-S FX lenses. I decided to buy a Nikkor 1.8g AF-S FX lens for around $250 at the time, now you can get the same exact lens brand new at for $216. You can also get a great deal on the Nikon D810 at Boy did that make a very noticeable difference. Before all of my image submissions at stock photo websites were being rejected for being out of focus. The Nikon D810 auto focus system actually focuses my photographs better than my naked eye in full manual mode. Now you can find my images at Alamy. Stock photography by RJ Styles at Alamy The sharpness, clarity, color rendition, detail, no grain, no milky shadows, you still got the occasional noise especially at higher iso, was a significant leap over 35mm negative. Speaking of iso instead changing film for higher iso I just simply input a higher iso number. You can find a very detailed review about the Nikon D810 at website. Now I am calm and relaxed instead of stressed out and frustrated. On a 64 gigabyte extreme pro sd card shooting nearly uncompressed High quality images I can capture 1600 photographs and my reshoots are about 1%. That is a considerable improvement. Once you go digital you will never go back to film. Review Nikon D810 by “RJ Styles Photography.”


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