Photography Tip How To Photograph Sunsets

Photography Tip How To Photograph Sunsets

Photography Tip How To Photograph Sunsets


How To Photograph Sunsets
How To Photograph Sunsets

I usually photograph to either side of the sun and do not have the sun in my frame at sunrise and sunset. Click on the following link to see the Seattle waterfront, and you can also order my free kindle book on photography. Seattle Waterfront. I will typically use my one degree spot meter and take a reading of the brightest part of the sky. Many times the sky is most colorful with pinks and purple colors thirty minutes before sunrise, and up to thirty minutes after sunset. If you meter off the sun you will have a very dark almost black foreground. You should use a .9 graduated glass filter. I prefer the soft edge but you can use a hard edge as well. I try to line the edge up with the horizon. In addition to the filter you will need a filter holder. I have also have had good results photographing sunsets with a professional grade polarizer. You will also want to use a sturdy tripod. You can also change shutter speeds until you obtain the desired results. This is how I photograph sunsets. You can really bring the colors out in Photoshop and Lightroom. The step up ring should be the filter thread size to adapter ring size or polarizar filter size. For example, 67mm to 77mm. You should use brass rings they do not get jammed and they last the longest. Click on the following link for my photograph of a brilliant red maple tree in Oregon. Fall colors Oregon.

Click on the following links to purchase photography equipment from

B+W Professional Polarizar

.9 soft graduated Filter 4X4

LEE Filter Holder

LEE wide angle lens adapter ring

Step up ring




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